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Projected #1 Draft Pick Austin Mathews Game Worn Jersey Programme


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Dear Collectors ,

I am proud to announce that I’m working as the official partner for the ZSC Lions organization to distribute the 2015/2016 National League A game worn jerseys from projected 2016 Number 1 Draft prospect AUSTON MATTHEWS.

How a request can be placed:
You can place a request for a Game Worn Auston Matthews jersey by email to:


Requests will be accepted starting now.
Requesters will be contacted at the end of the season on a “first come, first serve” rule. If a requester declines the offering, the next one on the list will be contacted.

A request doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to get a jersey. The ZSC Lions organization always reserves the right to change the rules of the distribution process.

What will be available:
There will be 3 home blue sets and 3 away white sets from the regular season available .

What will be the price:
The price has still to be determined by the ZSC Lions organization. (Number 1 Pick price range expected)

When will the jerseys be available:
The jerseys will be available at the end of the season around Draft Day

How will the authenticity of the jerseys be guaranteed:
The Auston Matthews game worn ZSC jerseys will come with an inventory gameworn tag sewn insid e of the jersey. The tags will have an individual serial number and the LOA will also show this serial number and matches the jersey tag.

LOA’s will be signed by Head of Marketing and Communication from the ZSC Lions organization. So the jerseys will be 100% genuine and gameworn.

This is the only chance to get a Pro Rookie season jersey from the projected 2016 Number 1 Draft prospect. There will be no other channels to purchase these jerseys.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me by email.

Kind Regards,
Manuel Mafli


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