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My Miracle Movie Jersey Collection


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Some time after the movie Miracle came out in 2004, some of the jerseys used in the filming of the movie started to appear on ebay. I first saw the West Germany jerseys and thought they were unique, badged like a soccer jersey more than crested like a hockey jersey. I waited to see if the prices would drop as they listed jersey after jersey from the set, also hoping to get one with a very "German" name on the back. Eventually I waited too long and they sold the entire set. Oh well.

Later on I got the chance to get some of the other countries jerseys for some reasonable prices and began to pick up more and more. Eventually I decided to try to get the entire set of all 11 varieties. Most proved rather easy to get, with a few requiring a bit of searching, like Finland and the Soviet Union.

I was even able to add a Soviet winter coat and track jacket, but the German jersey proved highly elusive. I think part of the issue may have been the jerseys didn't say "Germany" on them anywhere and may have been listed on ebay as something else, like "red hockey jersey" or "eagles jersey".

It finally took about ten years for one to show up on ebay - and with a buy it now price. My heart was pounding as I tired to complete the purchase while on my phone at work with a horrible cellular connection. All it was going to take was one more collector in my position to scoop the jersey up while I fought for a signal, so I didn't even bother to make an offer. Whatever I overpaid was my fine for not getting it when I had the chance the first time around.

The film was released on this date in 2004 and here is a link to my story on the movie and my collection.


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