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LTZ's $50.00 Sale....Yeah $50.00 AUTHENTIC jersey sale


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Ok, well I've decided that I have way too many non-Blues jerseys and honestly I wear a 58 in Edge and bought a bunch of 56's. My loss your gain.

I'd like $50.00 each plus shipping unless you buy 2 then I'll pay for shipping.

The last time I posted pics, it was a disaster, so if you need a pic I can text it or email it, but email generally takes some time since I have to upload them.

Therefore, here we go:


1. 2007 - 2011 Edge 1.0, Size 56 home (black) blank.
2. 2011 - 2013 Edge 2.0 Size 56 home (black) blank.
3. 1999 - 2000 CCM (tagged on tail with CCM and NHL crest) white/green, size 56 blank

**1&2 each are $40.00 plus shipping or I can do $75.00 for both with free shipping**


1. 2013-2014 home (red) gamer Edge 2.0, 1st set with team tag inside the jersey #25 Emmerton comes with documentation. Size 56.
2. Edge 1.0, home (red) size 56, #13 Datsyuk
3. Edge 1.0 away (white) size 56, #13 Datsyuk


1. 2000-2001 Alternate jersey, KOHO, size 56, was stripped by previous owner, shows some slight ghosting.


1. 2005 - 2006 RBK 6100 home, Size 54, Blank with tags.


1. 2005 - 2006 RBK 6100, home, Size 54, Blank
2. 2005 - 2006 RBK 6100, home, Size 54 (no size tag at collar), Blank with Tag
3. 2000 - 2003 KOHO Away (dark) OR 2003-3004 Home (dark), However you want to look at it? Size 58, Blank
4. 1992 - 1999 CCM Home (White) Size 56, Blank

I'll have more and will add them as I pull them out of my closet.

Please MESSAGE if you have questions.

One thing I found out from the last time I tried to sell some jerseys was multiple people inquired about the same jersey. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS THREAD IF YOU WILL TAKE SOMETHING so there is no confusion.

No, don't do that, a clean thread is a happy thread - just PM directly and put in the title of your message what you want...how hard is it to sort your PMs?


- Slim

Slim, Sorry.........I'll go to the corner for IJ timeout.

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50 each for everything?

Yes, each jersey is $50.00 other than the Dallas jerseys which are a tad less.

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