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1995-1996 Ream Canada Jersey Info Needed.

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Wondering if anyone can help me with this jersey. I would like to know which tournament this is from and if any notable players would have wore it.

I've seen the 1995 world juniors squad wear something similar but their jerseys were Reebok.

I've seen an internet article with a photo of this jersey. It was customized as a Glenn Anderson but not sure if it's correct. The article said they weren't 100% sure if he wore that jersey. The rear hem was also different...Blue, blue and red CCM logo.

Any help would be great.

Thanks guys.



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I would imagine it was used by the National Team's 1994 regular season. Those were the days before Hockey Canada was created and there was still a team training year-round who were unaffiliated with any other pro teams.

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I went ahead and posted the same question on the IIHF Facebook page. This is one response I got:

This is a one year style jersey that was worn during the 1995-96 Canada Men's National Team season,as they played against international competition.Yes Glenn Anderson wore #36,I had both of them,with names removed but I restored the nameplates and did very well with them. I was a volunteer trainer and equipment associate(1992-2000) with the team and was also their merchandising rep where I sold the jerseys for Canada. The Under 20 and Under 18 teams used these jerseys for tournament play in Canada such as World Hockey Challenge.Here the nameplates were Ontario,Pacific,Quebec etc for the regions of Canada. This was the last year of CCM before Bauer and Nike took over as official uniform suppliers of Team Canada.

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