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Vancouver Flea Market Find


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Apologies if this is offside, as it is not jersey related but wanted to share in case people are interested. Went up to Canada for a few days and found this at the flea market. I picked it up as my wife and I were discussing hockey stories with my Dad last night. He was telling us about how Beliveau would stay on the ice at MLG for an additional 30 minutes after practice and would just shoot for the posts and would rarely miss. Cheevers was my dad's teammate and goalie at St. Michael's, and dad knew Dave Keon in passing at St. Mike's so it was funny that I found this lot. This was all that was remaining from the 11/2010 Classic Auction's lot.

Puck is signed by the following (top to bottom): Gerry Cheevers; Dave Keon; Red Kelly; Pierre Pilote; Henri Richard; Jean Beliveau; Norm Ullman

Gerry Cheevers: HHOF 1985; 2 Stanley Cups
Jean Beliveau: HHOF 1972; 17 Stanley Cups
Henri Richard; HHOF 1979; 11 Stanley Cups
Pierre Pilote; HHOF 1975; 1 Stanley Cup
Norm Ullman: HHOF 1982;
Dave Keon; HHOF 1986; 4 Stanley Cups (including last leafs cup 1967)






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