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Bruins pooh bear gamers with darker yellow nameplates


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Hi guys, I know the haiti/el salvador/berlin WI pooh bear jerseys have been discussed here before.

I wanted to create a new thread because I have noticed some lighter yellow pooh bear gamers with darker yellow nameplates and am trying to get some further clarification.

I know that El Salvadorian retail authentics are of a lighter yellow compared to the haiti authentics:

(el salvador left, haiti right)


Pics of poohbear gamer jerseys from 1996-1998 appear to be darker yellow, but around 1998/1999, I found a couple pics of gamers with what appears to be a darker yellow nameplate on a lighter yellow jersey (tough to see):



I even found examples from the 2000's era but I didn't want to flood the thread w/ more pics. It would make sense that if custom crafted had leftover "haiti" nameplate material, that they would use it. I was wondering if anyone who has intimate knowledge of the pooh bear gamers from this period could chime in. When these gamers switched from the darker yellow to the lighter yellow, was the material similar to that of the el salvador retail authentic?

I'm thinking about getting a 75th anniv bourque done but haven't been able to find pics of his pooh bear gamers from the 98/99 season...I am considering using a dark yellow nameplate on a lighter yellow retail authentic if I can gather additional evidence confirming that was the status quo then.


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Bump, anybody have a 98-99 pooh bear in their collection, or have pics of different gamers from the pics i provided?

I have 97-98 but no photo hosting. PM me if you want me to send a pic. The nameplate may not match the rest of the jersey 100% but it's very close and possible that the difference could be because of the layers.

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Photo coloring is a little touched up, but I've got this as an example. It's not too much darker, but a slight difference is there.


And I've got this example (not game worn). A 'dark' Haiti-made jersey with an even darker Star-Knit nameplate


Remember though, that small details like this are often overlooked by the team because they don't really have the time to nit-pick like we do ;)

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