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Customize Team Sweden Jersey


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Exclusive Pro Sports. They should do a good job and they ahve all the materials.

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I'll post pictures when I get it back! It has been at EPS about 4 weeks so far. Should have it by mid January I'm thinking. They said 4-6 weeks but with all the holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years i'm expecting it to take a little longer.

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Did they give you the wrong lettering? I thought the white and blue crown jerseys had double layered white and blue numbers.

You are correct the white and blue crown jerseys had white and blue numbers.

But it was done up the way I asked EPS to. I asked to have it lettered 2006 style since I put #35 on it (2006 was only Olympics Lundqvist only wore 35) and in 2006 they wore only blue numbers. Was going to be a trade off somewhere... either lettering didn't perfectly match jersey or he didn't wear that number in that jersey.

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