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Nyquist Grand Rapids Griffins Jersey


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Hey guys! Im new to the whole jersey shopping experience and this is basically my last hope. Being from Grand Rapids, I would like to find a Gustav Nyquist jersey from when he played for the Grand Rapids Griffins. Ive looked about everywhere online and can't find anything anywhere. Im not worried about it being authentic and would prefer it the cheaper the better lol because im a college student, but Im pretty determined to find one. Can anyone help me out? Home or away doesn't matter to me. Thanks!

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I have some Edge 1.0's in home and away, I think in 54 and 56...I'll have to look when I get home to give you exact sizes.

I have been meaning to get them customized for a while but I have just had other stuff take priority over it. Gus never wore the 1.0 as far as I know (don't quote me on this, hopefully someone else who knows better than me can chime in), but if you're not 100% concerned with accuracy I'd be glad to sell one to you, then you could ship it off to EPS for customization. Another reason I haven't done anything with them is because I can't find the shoulder patches or the sponsor patches anywhere, so it would just be the jersey with none of the patches you'd need for 100% accuracy.

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