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2002 Team Canada Olympic jerseys...Do fakes exist?

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Hi everyone. I need a little help. I started collecting jerseys a while ago and I would like to know how to spot a fake Nike Team Canada 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic jersey...if they do indeed exist. Has anyone seen one and post some pics or lead me in the right direction?

I know how to spot fake CCM, Reebok and Nike 2010 Team Canada's within seconds, but these 2002's I'm just not sure. I purchased a red Yzerman on ebay was like nothing Ive ever seen. It's sort of a hybrid between a pro model and a replica. The tags were wrong...I think its a custom job, but very good quality so I kept it and didnt return it.

I am trying to get a jersey from every player on the team and have it signed. I'm interested in size XL replicas and size 52 pros. If anyone has any in they're stash and wants to deal, shoot me a mesage. I already have:

-Mario Lemieux red pro model 52

-Steve Yzerman red replica XL

-Martin Brodeur red replica L, XXL

-Curtis Joseph white pro model 52

-Joe Thornton red pro model 52

-Rob Blake white replica XL

-Brendan Shanahan red replica XL

-Mike Peca white replica XL

Thank you!

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I haven't seen a fake 2002......but I have been duped by a fake 1998 Nagano Gretzky before.......so I wouldn't just assume that a fake doesn't exist.....but the standard stuff applies in what to look for

- Nike manufactured

- Flo-knit material

- Fight strap attachment (matching colour twill on each colour jersey)

- Nike fight strap is slightly longer than that of a CCM

- White buttons on fight strap

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Thanks HockeyMusic. I'll have to keep a sharp eye out for fake 98's. How did you know it was a fake? What should I look out for?

My Yzerman os an oddball...Team Canada replicas are stitched at all color separations between red/white/black with separate pieces of fabric. They are made in Korea. Pro models are one solid piece of fabric which is died red/black/white. And of course, they have a fight strap and are made in Canada.

My Yzerman is one solid piece of died fabric. It has no fight strap and is made in Canada. The made in Canada tag in the neckline is stitched vertically to the right of the Nike size tag...which neither pro models or replicas have.

I will have to post some pics once I get the jersey back from being autographed. Stay tuned...

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I know this post is old, but trying to figure out who this signature is and/or if its a fake.

I got this at a silent auction at a charity event years ago .. can't even remember the event.

It looks like a 2002 Olympic Team Canada jersey but I can't remember whose signature it's suppose to be when I won it.

Any ideas.. Anyone?




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