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How Do You Store Your Wool Gamers/Replicas?

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I have a mid-1960s all-wool Providence Reds gamer that is stored on a hangar in a cedar closet. That one, I'm not much worried about, but if someone has a better storage idea I'm all ears.

My problem is the there is no way the wife is going to allow me to also hang about 10 other all-wool vintage replicas in the already crowded cedar closet. So right now they are on hangars in the basement, covered with plastic. Again, I'm open to storage suggestions.

I won at a recent auction a mid-1960s durene Cleveland Barons, Fred Glover, gamer, which arrived the other day carefully folded and packaged in a large Ziploc bag. I'm thinking of storing all of my jerseys (about 25 gamers and another 20 replicas) in a similar fashion. Can anyone think of a problem with this idea?

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I can't speak to wool at all but as for my 1972 USA Olympic durene jersey, I keep it folded up and stored away in its own Ziploc-style freezer bag. Something like that is entirely too valuable to be mingling with the other rabble in the closet.

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