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MPF24's Authentics, Odds and Ends...


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Hey gents. Been a long time since I've posted. That's largely because I joined the USAF, shipped to basic training and spent my first year of service abroad. I'm finally back in the US now and as I get myself ready to move to my next base I've decided to part with some sweaters.

I've got an EDGE 1.0 road Ovechkin size 46. It's in very good shape, only worn to a few games. Was on display for a while in my apartment (smoke free).




I have no idea what a 1.0 would go for at this point. I'm not sure if the old style is sought after or not. I personally prefer it. I'd like to get $75 if possible.

Also going to offer my PK Subban EDGE 1.0 road white authentic size 46. It's in great shape (most of my jerseys I display in the hallway of my house alongside a framed print of the player in action wearing it, so they don't get worn much). I'll have pictures up in about a week, as soon as I get back to the states. I replaced it with a Preds Subban. Looking $75 for this one. 


I also have a Subban team Canada 100th anniversary World Cup jersey. My wife had it made with good intentions, but Subban never wore that jersey. I'm thinking about having it stripped and done as Seguin, but if anyone is interested in it with the Subban customization, I'll put pictures of that up as well. 








I'm negotiable on everything, within reason. No idea what prices are really like for these kinds of jerseys. If anyone is interested I also have a medium replica (vector era) Zetterberg home (no "C" or "A") and a Vermette Blue Jackets replica home with the cheapo nhl.com pressed on vinyl lettering. I'll take pictures if there's any interest in those. Those I'd sell for just about anything. They're just fodder in the closet, which is why I have no pics. 

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Trying to see if the pictures at the end aren't showing up because of a limit in pictures allowed per post. Otherwise I don't know why they won't show. Links seem to work though.






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Willing to take $75 shipped for either authentic. $130 takes the brand new Subban Preds replica. 

Updated all posts to reflect change. 

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