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Does this happen to anyone else? Seller retracts sale


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A few days ago, i bought this as a BIN. (yes i know the piping is wrong on these vintage reissues but for the price I was like why not)


Now i got an email yesterday from the seller that upon shipping damage was noticed "making the jersey worthless" and was refunded. I dont understand why you put things up damaged but the BIN price was so low is making me thinking sellers remorse. Yes the piping is wrong but im sure the jersey is worth more. Has this type of situation happened to others?

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Someone probably offered them more money and that was their excuse. Its always worth money, heck you could probably get around that even if it was damaged.

Tell him to tell you the truth and you'll spare him the negative feedback.

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I'd give the seller the benefit of the doubt. I know you're disappointed (though not sure why since that jersey is a monstrosity) but that particular seller deals in a lot of closeout sports apparel. I've personally bought from them a few times for xmas gifts.

Because they sell large volumes of closeout stuff, I don't think it's unreasonable to think they either had more than one and already sold the undamaged one seen in the photograph or the damage occurred after the took the photograph. I think they did the right thing by offering a refund right away.

I could see sellers remorse for a small collector offering a few pieces, but that seller has 15k+ feedback and routinely has hundreds of items up at once. I'm guessing the BIN prices they are easily more than double what they paid for the items - they are all about volume, not screwing over an individual buyer on a $40 jersey deal.

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I'm not really disappointed and I have had positive transactions in the past with the seller. I was just curious about situations like this. Like I mentioned earlier it was just a shot since it was so cheap and no real loss here.

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