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IndioEdge and Canadian Edge 7287 sizing


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Sorry... Tried searching for an old topic on this but couldnt locate it.

On the verge of snagging a 7287 2 0 Canucks jersey.... And Im wondering if the Canadian 7287s fit similar to the IndioEdge jerseys? I was looking at getting a Size 60.

I have a Reeboke Edge 2.0 58+ (with the vector logo) Cauncks jersey and it fits perfectly. Might like it to be a bit larger... So thats why Im wanting to get a 60.... But would that be a huge jump? I have an IndioEdge Penguins Size 60 and it fits A ok... Arms are a tad long but nothing major.

Anyone have the sizing numbers to compare?

Thx in advance!!!

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Well a size 60 is just the retail size number used for a 58+ 2.0, so its going to be the same size. Other than goalie cuts, there isnt anything bigger though.

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