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Sweden jersey ID help needed


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Can somebody tell me what year this would be from and if it is authentic or fake?

At first glance it looks good. It has the Nike team tag on inside hem, fight strap, and shoulder patch is larger and better quality than the one on my Sweden gamer. There is no IIHF tag either on the hem or inside neck. But sizing has me perplexed. Basically it fits like a replica with a seriously mismarked size tag. It is marked as a 50.

My Holst gamer from 2012 world championships is a 54 and fits almost exactly the same, although I think the 50 is still a little looser. The 2010 Olympic gamers are WAY smaller through the body but also have much longer sleeves and body.

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It's definitely short which is another reason I was wondering about it. I'm 5'4" and have short arms even for somebody my height. The jersey sleeves fit me almost perfect. I'm used to jersey sleeves hanging WAY below my hands. The length is basically t-shirt length. However after trying both jerseys on again the sleeves and body are the same as the 2012 gamer. The 2010 Olympic gamers are all much longer and narrower. All made by Nike, all worn by women.

Do they make womens cut jerseys? Goalie jerseys are usually marked with a G. I've never seen any different tagging in the jerseys I know to be womens than in others.

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It's a pre-Swift Nike jersey and it's definitely a chick cut. Is there a small tag sewn into the neck that says W? If so, that's the answer. Most likely it's before 2006 too because there's no lace on the neck.

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Ok so pre 02 womens. Thanks. This board never ceases to be a wealth of information.

There is no W tag in the new jersey but upon careful inspection there is a very small white thread sewn into a neck seam where one probably was. Also this years gamer does have a W tag rolled up under the IIHF tag. Almost totally faded off. If not for you guys I probably never would have noticed it was there and definitely wouldn't have noticed anything on it.

None of the regular Olympic jerseys have a W tag or any evidence that there was one. Smallest jerseys I've ever seen. Can't imagine anybody wore them over pads. I know children who can't wear them now. Kim's goalie jersey does have a G tag though.

Also, who would be best to customize this correctly? I've always used IJ which is how I found this board, but they tend to not bother with a name plate. A minor irritation with a replica. Would irritate me much more with an authentic.

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