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Fort Wayne Komets & Pittsburgh Hornets, 1960s custom replicas


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Just got these in today's mail. Both are by David Frost of Myrtle Beach and both are pretty much spot on.

Frosty has a keen eye for detail, which I can't say for a lot of the customer jersey makers I've dealt with over the years.. The lettering (font, size, etc.) on these two Fort Wayne Komets and Pittsburgh Hornets replicas, is 100% accurate.

The Fort Wayne Komets wore a number of very interesting and unique uniforms in the early- to mid-1960s. This one is their 1961-62 uniform, which I asked Frosty to make after I gave up on ever finding an original.

The Hornets jersey is a replica of what Captain Ab McDonald wore when he scored 2 late goals to send Game 4 of the 1967 Calder Cup Finals against Rochester into overtime. Hornets won the game and the Cup in overtime. It was the last game for the Hornets, who were replaced by the Penguins in 1967-68. Again, Frosty attention to detail in the crest is impressive.


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Ain't Frosty the best? He's working on a custom for me as well, using the Nordiques template and logo as the basis for an Atom-Bomb Bikini jersey. Dying to see how it turns out.

BEAUTIFUL stuff, Lou! Man, I wouldn't mind having one of those Hornets jerseys myself...

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Robert: Thanks for introducing me to Frosty. He is the best!

I've already sent him some picture of the next one -- the 1962-63 Komets jersey. Waiting for his reply.

Trust me when I say the Hornets jersey is spot on. He nailed it. I spent a lot of time watching that team, and I see nothing about the jersey that isn't correct, down to the thin captain's C. Frosty has an exception eye for details with the numbers and lettering

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Yes, I did see that. Very interesting. oldjerseys.com had a replica of the original on ebay recently for $159. I haven't been able to get into the oldjerseys.com Web site for some time (for whatever reason, it's not been operationable for some time) to see if the replica is still available. Oldjerseys has a ton of very interesting jerseys from the old IHL and other minor leagues. Their attention to detail on some, however, could be better.

From what I can see from the pictures, I think I'd rather have the WB Penguins version. I have not yet gone to the Baby Penguins (that the WB Penguins are called in Pittsburgh) Web site to see if the new alternate jersey is available to the public and what they're going for.

The next Hornets jersey on my radar is the red road version of the white No. 10 above.

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