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Gretzky/Sundi McD's commercial

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Don't ask me how I stumbled across this old clip, however I burst out laughing when I read the most recent comment, which is referenced below in case more comments to the vid are added

"Luckily it was Mats Sundin and not Doug Gilmour. Cause if it were, Gretzky would have high sticked Gilmour."

How I would add to this commercial......(assuming it was Gilmour instead of Sundin in there)

Wendel Clark, of nowhere, jumps Gretzky and kicks 99's Arse. Once done, he quips "Where's McSorely now b****". Clark and Gilmour high five each other.

Next scene is at a McD's with Clark and Gilmour eating big macs. Gilmour says "Thanks for the burger". Wendel says....."No problem, it's on his dime" (while waving a wallet with "99" embroidered on it)

Yeah.....i'm weird.....but it would be a much better commercial.....

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