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CCM Authentic Jersey with cut fight strap - replacements ? value ?


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hi, for the authentic ccm hockey jerseys if someone has cut out the fight strap, can replacements be bought or do you have to remove it from another jersey to replace it ? how much of a value killer would this be ?

any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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usually you can find authentic pro style jerseys made by ccm for various beer leagues , i find many at vintage clothing stores usually for around $10, i just cut the fighting straps out of them and put them on pro authentics that people have cut out, as for the value usually a jersey with fighting straps cut out tend to be 25 dollars cheaper then one that is intact

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Uhhhh, the comment above is probably the most subjective response. You can't simply place a dollar value on how much or little difference there can be in cost because a strap was cut out. To try and pin point and say it tends to be X amount more or less is an impossible statement.

Bottom line, if a strap is cut out of a retail pro jersey, it does affect the collectors value of it, but an average fan who wants a jersey to wear may not care and find it more comfortable to have on without a strap. It all depends on the style and size of jersey, and more importantly what someone wants to pay for it.

With regards to replacing a cut strap, you can harvest one from another authentic, but if you're a stickler for detail you want to make sure you have one from the same era and brand as they all differ. Or if you don't care, buy a $15 replacement from Vintage Minnesota Hockey.

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