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97-98 Canucks custom


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A few questions I have about an upcoming customization for a 97-98 home nucks jersey: Is the game one japan patch available ANYWHERE? I have looked around and it seems a pretty tough find. Also, does anyone have any good reference pictures for the place in town that is doing the jersey to use? Or any details on measurements for spacing, etc?

thanks, and will post pics when its finished this week.

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You're probably stuck on the patch. I don't think I've ever seen a real one that wasn't on a game jersey. I'd find one that's good enough if I were you.

As for the customization, click the numbers and find my game-worn Mogilny Canucks jersey. That should give you the info you need on the application itself.

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Legit Game One patches from 1997 are extremely rare. I have one on my Bure that isn't off a game jersey and I got lucky on eBay to pick that one up. I haven't been looking since then but I don't think there have been many.

The early sets from 1997-98 used reverse kiss cut before they switched back to stacked twill late in the season and stuck with that for the duration of that style. The dazzle twill caused all kinds of problems with the reverse kiss cut after repeated washings.

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There are two repro patches on eBay. There was a discussion previously (search for it) here on the boards that compared the repros with a patch off a gamer.



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