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TCAF 2012

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Hey fellers-

I'll soon be making a trip north to exhibit at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 5-6! Haven't been to Canada since my last trip to Montreal in 2004, and this will be my first trip to Toronto since 1986, so naturally, I'm pretty excited. I plan to finally visit the Hockey hall of Fame and maybe tour the ACC if there's time.

Anyway, admission to the show is free, so I'd love to meet any of the forum folks here that feel like stopping by to say hello. I'll make sure I have some cool little giveaways and so forth for folks who make the effort. Hope to see you there!

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AB-SO-LUTELY! I've got a truckload of goodies with your name on it, my friend!

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Just a reminder, dudes, TCAF is THIS WEEKEND at the Toronto Reference Library at 789 Yonge St.! I'd love to meet some of you kooky folks, so please drop by if you're in the neighborhood. Admission is free!

I'm trying to decide whether to wear my Norm Ullman Leafs jersey at the show...wouldn't want folks to think I was pandering, but in all honesty,where else could I wear the thing and not have people think I just put my own name on the back of a jersey!

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