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Avalanche Fan Needs Help


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So...I know that I could have probably found most of this information by hunting around, but I don't trust myself as far as authenticity,etc. goes. You guys are the out and out best so I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me with a couple of questions in regards to a couple of Avalanche jerseys.

1. I am looking for the Joe Sakic retirment patch, I want an authentic, not a reproduction, etc. Are any of them on E-bay legit? Otherwise- is there an online seller that sells authentic copies? Altitude Authentics at Pepsi Center no longer has any and I'm kicking myself for not picking one up.

2. I am sure I'm not alone- but I am looking for an authentic Avalanche Edge jersey with the "Reebok" word mark as opposed to the "RBK" vector logo used previously. Any information on this would be helpful, but from what I can tell is that these are maybe only team issued at this point and I wouldn't be able to find one retail.

3. I purchased the Peter Forseberg retirement patch this weekend at Pepsi Center and it has an iron-on glue backing, I've seen the tutorial provided in the Sticky and I was wondering if anyone else has tried this and is this the correct way to go about attaching it to an authentic jersey? I would be doing this for my Duchene jersey as well as my planned Landeskog jersey, See #2. Yeah...

4. Will Denver Athletic sew these on for me? I have a Duchene authentic customized by Denver Athletic and I am super happy with it. Also, does anyone know if I can go and drop them off at a store front/office etc. Also, what would they charge to sew a patch onto a jersey.

5. Thank you for reading...I know it's sort of "rambly"- but I trust you guys. You all have such a bevy of information and I figured you wouldn't mind helping me out. Have an awesome day!

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Hello, I love your name by the way. I was just watching that video the other day. To answer part of your questions, Denver Athletic would be able to sew the patch on for you. They have sewn patches on for me with no problem. Especially since they do the gamer's for the Av's.

I'm unsure about the new Reebok word mark jerseys, I really haven't been following. About the Sakic retirement patches, keep looking at ebay, they do pop up every so often, but I am unsure if they are made by National Emblem.

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Welcome to the boards! Another fan with REALLY good taste in jerseys.

1. As far as the Sakic patch, as far as I know, there wasn't an "official" version of the patch made. I've never seen a National Emblem Sakic patch so you may just need to go with the best reproduction you can find. I purchased a few from Altitude Authentics at Pepsi Center and to tell you the truth, the patches are just alright as far as quality, but I do still believe they are the same as what was worn on the ice.

2. I'm sure the REEBOK non-vector jerseys will be available sooner or later, I just haven't seen any anywhere yet.

3. I saw the Forsberg patches as well and have ordered a few. That backing is something the Sakics don't have. I haven't ironed on enough patches to provide any feedback there.

4. DA charges a few dollars to add a patch to a jersey. They'll obviously get it right as well. Are you asking if you can physically go to Denver Athletic and drop your jersey off? I was a little confused by the way you worded that part of your post.

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