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Pittsburgh Penguins EDGE Jersey Customization


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So I am trying to figure out the customization on EDGE Penguins jerseys - the materials used, sewing, nameplates, etc. More specifically, I am trying to create a timeline of when the team used certain materials, etc. since 2007-2008. If someone or multiple users could give me an outline, I think that would b fantastic.

I understand the team uses layered glacier twill for the names, numbers, and "C", "A". And to the best of my knowledge, that has been the case since the inception of the EDGE jerseys in 2007. Does anyone know what nameplates the current jerseys use, if they are twill or EDGE material? I own a jersey from 2008 and I am fairly certain it has a twill nameplate and NOT an EDGE nameplate. I would assume the current EDGEs use EDGE nameplate material.

So please post away with whatever you know. I would appreciate any new information. Thanks! :thumbsup:

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Both jerseys I've bought from the team (one a black home Game Issued, the other a white away from 2009 Rookie Camp) have airknit nameplates...but they're both 2.0's, might be a different story on the 1.0s.


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Speaking of jersey customization. I have 3 Ducks jerseys I want 2 Ducks 1.0 Edge jerseys customized and one RBK Mighty Ducks 2006 3rd jersey. What material do the Ducks wear on the ice, what name plates, and how it is sown on? Where would be the best place to send it to? How should I get the 3rd jersey customized and where?

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