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help! Need to remove a CUP PATCH


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Stupid me,, I ironed on a cup patch on my Roy jersey... i did it right with no harm,, the only prob,, i put it too far to the left.. its not that bad but when you look at the 2001 jerseys they wore I can tell there's is more centered in the right location.

What sucks is that I can still pull the patch away from the jersey, but the edges are still stuck pretty good, i do not and will not pull at it to rip it off. but the parts that are loose i can tell there's no damage..

I just need to know how to get the edges of the patch to come loose. Its not sewn around yet,

any ideas?

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You may be past the point of no return but try this.

Turn the jersey inside out. From the inside of the jersey where the patch is soak the material with cold water. Throw the whole jersey in the freezer for 30 mins so the material has become stiff. At this point the glue that's holding along the edges should become less tacky to the material and hopefully the patch will pull off. You will need a little bit of pulling still to try remove it.

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