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Medium blue nameplate material needed


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Guys, I've sent this jersey to both EPS and VintageMinnesotaHockey to see if they could come up with material for a nameplate and neither were able to come up with a match. VMH has been very impressive in that department with their various contacts, but this one just proved to be a stumper.


I'm appealing to you guys to see if any of you might be able to help. It's lighter than primary blue and darker than the Thrashers Ice Blue.

Perhaps the color of the Avalanche Alternate jerseys? Maybe even a shade used by a basketball or football team?

If anyone has an idea or some sort of jersey material they think is a color match, feel free to get in touch. I'd hate to have to put the name directly on the back, but I'd rather do that than go with twill. It's got to me a long nameplate though, the name on the back is Shakhraychuk!

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I dont know much about basketball, or how the material would compare, but it looks a lot like the Denver Nuggets light blue jerseys to me

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you should merge this with the Need an "Ultrafil Nordiques Nameplate" thread.

Jeff might of missed that one. :thumbsup:

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