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A bit confused with this EDGE jersey.


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This is my Dallas Stars RBK EDGE jersey.


As you can see it's a Large. I was under the impression that EDGE jerseys run tighter than the old CCM/KOHO/Starter/etc jerseys.

However, as you can see in this closeup:


This jersey is ~28 inches from pit to pit by my measurement.

It fits fine for me, but it's causing me some annoyance trying to find a proper fit on sites like eBay. I'm new to purchasing old jerseys off of eBay,

and I'm finding a lot of old Stars jerseys that are listed as XL, yet they only have a pit to pit measurement of 25 or 26 inches.

What i'm really just trying to find out is if I'll be safe purchasing an older XL jersey made by the aforementioned Jersey manufacturers, or whether I'm making measurement mistakes or something similar. Thanks!

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Your jersey is not an EDGE jersey, it's a premier replica. It's not tapered in the chest like an EDGE jersey, it's cut to go straight down and they're definitely cut bigger than other, old replicas. I actually fit in size large premier replicas, but Starter is a little tight in the same size.

Old CCM replicas are a bit bigger than Starter, and Koho (which oddly enough is the same company as CCM) is in between both CCM and Starter. For me anyway.

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ya that's a Premier Replica NOT an edge authentic.

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If you fit in a large premier jersey, you'll likely fit in a large CCM jersey. Starter is the only company I have problems with, but I also don't own a large Pro Player jersey. I do own an XL, and it's huge. That goes for Nike also, at least with Olympic jerseys. I have a size large Sweden and it's a tent. I'd probably fit in a medium.

For what it's worth, I'm about 5'10/5'11 and hovering around 198. I lost 30lbs since acquiring my first couple jerseys, so I'm starting to fit into smaller sizes.

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