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The St. Louis Blues 95-96 Alternate Jersey


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I know this has been talked about before, and occassionally mentioned along with the Wildwing and Burger King but i'm looking for some specific information. (I seem to recall Brilliant! having some contact with it...)

Everyone already knows the story, the 3rd jersey Veto'd by Keenan, never debuted... blah blah blah.

A couple questions I haven't heard addressed before.

1) How many exist? There is a story of a prototype being shown to just the Executives (Keenan GM/Coach) who nixed it right there. There is also a story they had a whole bunch outfitted for the team in the locker room. (I find this hard to believe as there is only 1 PHOTO example I have ever seen which is a blank facing frontward) which leads me to my next question.

2) Where did the infamous picture of the jersey and mascot originate from? Was there an article published in a magazine or online in 95-96. Whoever was able to photograph it surely must have taken more then 1 picture of it.

3) Where did it end up. There has been talks of it being in St. Louis framed as a momento of what not to do. Also talks of it being possessed by the NHL offices. Thirdly, which is more important, is the story that it was Sold and is privately owned.

4) If it is/was privately owned, has any video/photo's surfaced of it.

5) Since we can see that STARTER the brand is the company who made the jersey (All the other Dye Sublimated Alts were made by CCM) has anyone ever been able to contact the company in regards to the design information.

Any info sources would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Here's the shot you mean:


I've heard that there is one hanging up in the NHL main office in Manhattan. I don't know if that's true or not though.

I wouldn't be surprised if it never even got numbers put on it. Keenan probably axed it as soon as it was presented.

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