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Help for getting/customizing my first Koho


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I am looking into getting my first Koho authentic. I want to get a red Blackhawks and have it customized with Amonte, #10, "C', and the Hawks 75th patch. I am not too familiar with the CCMs or Kohos from that time, so I wanted to know what to be on the lookout for for authentics v fakes. Also, I wear a edge 52 and CCM ultrafil 52 or 48, so what size would I be in a Koho. Finally, I do not beleive the Hawks used Maska font for their names by that time, did they use the current font?

As always if anybody has the jersey I am looking for and wanting to unload it, please let me know.

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not much on the help of the Blackhawks stuff, but my Koho's and CCMs fit me all the same and I don't notice much of a difference, so a 52 CCM should still fit like a 52 Koho.

Thanks for the input

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Here are some pics of my alternate/3rd KOHO from the same year:



EPS did the customization, and I'm pretty sure the 75th patch is legit and not a copy. And I wear a 56 Edge but 52 KOHO. Hope that helps...

EDIT - if you need any other pics let me know.

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