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The NHL need more guys like....

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.....Tim Thomas.

He has gained a lot of my respect over the years.

I know a lot of people said that the NHL lost it's last class act when Joe Sakic retired, but I think he passed the torch to Tim Thomas.

Congrats Timmy.......this season is one for the ages, and probably one of the best all time.

Conn Smythe trophy, Stanley Cup....Vezina is coming and in my eyes, Hart trophy winner.

Record SV%, most saves in a Stanley Cup final, .940 SV% in the playoffs (.967 in the final, are you kidding me???)

All this from a guy who is 37 and plays a style most people I know hate.......

Maybe one reason I like him so much is that I play a lot like him too.....

Either way....class act......

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Here, here...couldn't agree with you more. Didn't know much about Thomas, until I got back into a hockey pool this year. Was lucky enough to land him in the later rounds, and he carried my team. Not just a great performer on the ice, but the guy is such a class act, as you said. Lost his job after winning the Vezina and still supports the team and wins his job back. What a great story.

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HERE! HERE! A true sportsman and TOTAL class act!

He didn't buy into all the trash talk and kept it humble.

The NHL does need more people like him in it. In this day and age surley.

Thomas won on the Karma scale too vs Louuuuuuu also...

I can't speak any higher of him..


If he does win the Heart. He will be the only player next to Orr to have won 3 Personal throphys

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I was happy to see Tim Thomas and the Bruins team win the cup. They are all class acts IMO. The Canucks played dirty and didn't deserve to win. I am also happy that Thorton won a cup as a Duck and Bruin!

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