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Is this a real jersey?


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So i finally found the old Coyotes third jersey on ebay but I'm not sure if its real or not because the numbers are orange

here is the jersey http://cgi.ebay.com/KEITH-TKACHUK-PHOENIX-COYOTES-STITCHED-JERSEY-LARGE-WOW-/120736118543?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item1c1c6ef70f

here is what the numbers on the back are supposed to look like


so what do you guys think? Is it real and worth it or should i just keep looking

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The jersey itself is a Starter Replica...real, not imaginary.

But as you said, the customization is off.

The best thing about that jersey is the NHL 2000 patch, which looks good, although it should be green.

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What's strange about that one, besides the obvious, is that it has the correct collar. Most Starter Coyotes' replica thirds had the wrong colored collar, and a purple stripe above the black part of the jersey at the bottom. That one is correct. It looks more like a Pro Player. That's one I've never seen before.

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Thanks. Too bad the customization is off or else i would have bought it

Definitely a legit replica like mharolde and rabinsurance stated. Yes the customization is off. Whoever manufactured the jersey probably just slapped the name and number on without looking into what the correct font should have been. But that is typical, right? :lol:

I don't blame you not going for it. Maybe if it were an authentic at that price it would be worth it. Definitely worthy of a strip - the customization and NHL 2000 patch - and then properly lettering it and adding the correct patch.

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