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Rangers may NOT be in the 2012 WC

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The article is mainly about Jeff Carter, but towards the bottom this is brought up

Here's another interesting note:

According to an NHL source, the New York Rangers may not be the Flyers opponent for the Winter Classic after all.

The game, slated for Jan. 2 at Citizens Bank Park, hasn't been formally announced by the league yet. That's because the Rangers are allegedly waffling about whether they want to participate in the game or not.

It's no secret the Rangers would like to host the Classic at some point, but are bereft of a venue to do it right now - although there is an idea that has been quietly discussed about bringing in portable stands and lights and holding the game in Central Park at some point down the road.

However, the Rangers are up in the air about the game, allegedly because they are already taking part in games in Europe to start the season and adding the Winter Classic to that hectic schedule could be too much of a distraction (Especially with HBO cameras around... um... 24/7).

As such, the league is looking into alternatives to play in the game against the Flyers but still want the Rangers to be the Flyers' opponent.

They are willing to give the Rangers a few days, but the league wants to make the official announcement of the game as soon as possible, so they won't wait long and might choose a different route (Chicago? Detroit? Toronto?) if the Rangers can't make up their mind soon.

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