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Help: Who can customize a 10/11 Notre Dame jersey & a 93-94 IHL Cleveland Lumberjacks jersey?


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I have 2 jerseys I want to get customized and was wondering where the best place to get these customized properly would be. Obviously, college jerseys and IHL jerseys are not often customized, so I want to make sure they get done right.

Can Icejerseys do these jerseys for me? Should I try EPS? Is there another option.

Here are the customization sheets I have prepared in advance for the two jerseys. It looks like the Notre Dame one might be tricky. What the hell font is that? It looks like a 3-color number, but the navy is so thin I question it....



Anything else I should include on the paperwork I will be sending in?

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For the Lumberjacks the numbers look like the Pens number font so you could call Cutting Edge Sports and see if they could do it seeing how they are the team customizers for the Pens.

Edit: Anyone have their email. I tried Google and nothing showed up.

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If you want a Navy-colored Customized Notre Dame Adidas Hockey Jersey, go to http://www.sportsk.com/cunodaadhoje.html

If you want a White-colored Customized Notre Dame Adidas Hockey Jersey, go to http://www.sportsk.com/cunodaadhoje1.html

Either one lists for $140.00 (reduced down from $159). Non-customized versions are $72.00.

If you want it customized with T.J. Tynan's last name and his number 18, type "Tynan" after Name, and 18 after Number, on either web page listed above.

I too am looking for T.J. Tynan customized jerseys, for Notre Dame, or even the Des Moines Buccaneers, or the Columbus Blue Jackets. If you find customized Notre Dame jerseys for a lower price, or if you know where to get customized jerseys for either of the other two teams, please post a message here saying where you find them.

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