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eBay user "synecare"


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Has anyone had contact with or had dealings with an ebay user with the ID "synecare"

I was trying to close a deal with him for a few jerseys, a couple that I have been searching for what seems to be a lifetime.

Well all of a sudden, he stopped replying to emails. Not sure exactly what happened, but I was wondering if anyone has dealt with him.

His email is synecare@hotmail.com and the name that displays on his email is "Domenic didomenica‚Äčntonio"

If anyone can help me out here let me know ASAP

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yes he hasn't had any listings in a while, however he had some rare Lindros jerseys that I was ready to buy off him, I was just waiting on pics for a few others but then he just fell off the face of the earth.

One of them was a Detroit Compuware from the late 80s when he was holding out after being drafted 1st overall by Sault Ste Marie in the OHL draft (yeah yeah, insert joke here)

Anyways, he had that and a few other rare ones I've been looking to fill holes in my collection and I was hoping to get a hold of him.

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