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On NHL uniforms is there a standard size for the fonts?

I am pretty sure the back numbers are 12", is this for all teams?

What about the size of the sleeve numbers and the name, standard size for those?

Do these sizes vary through the years?

Just curious.

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This is something I wondered about once I compared a Koho Rangers gamer to a Edge Rangers gamer and discovered the sleeve numbers were noticeably smaller.


I also noticed on my Hartford (AHL) gamers the sleeve number size got smaller when they went to the Edge - but there was also a font change in there, so I'm not sure what can be determined from that.

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The name size is 3 inches high for most teams.

Also not sure but I think sleeve numbers are 4 inches and back numbers are 12 inches on most teams. Some teams like the Flyers have larger numbers.

I know that for the Sens red home/black alternate jerseys the back numbers got smaller when they switched to Edge.

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The numbers got smaller in an effort to save weight to make the players faster. Look what it's done for Jody Shelly and Derek Boogaard. Zooooooooooooooom!

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