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Question about Number sizes on back (HABS JERSEY)


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Does anyone know thew correct sizing of the numbers on the back of the jerseys? Especially the HABS from the early 90s. Some numbers on the back are 11.5 inch, some 12 inch. My white Habs is 11.5 but the red away is 12 inch.

does anyone know the real size they used back in the early 90s? Ive been getting diff answers. Just wondering if someone knows for sure? Preferably a Habs jersey fan?

Does it bother any of you if the numbers on the back are off by inches? I just want everything exactly how it was worn.

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I think it depends on the customizer actually. I've seen variations in other jerseys before too. I'd say you're probably safe either way though; as long as the font is correct.

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