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NHL Auctions


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Anyone know if NHL Auctions has legit stuff?

I came across this and it make me wonder.

Game Worn Jersey

This is from February 22, 2009...when teams were wearing Edge uniforms.

Description says game worn during warm ups.

Yet the jersey is the old Reebok 6100 jersey.

Did the rangers wear old jerseys for warm ups?

I also find it strange there is no size information.

What do you guys/gals think?

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Yeah they wore Blue 6100s I think. He should have a 3 patch on the front IIRC.

First, what is IIRC?

Second, there are many pictures from that night on Getty Images and

all the game shots show the Edge jerseys.

They brought back all the players with retired numbers and they are wearing the 6100's.

So did the Rangers wear the old 6100's for warm ups?

Anyone know for sure?

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NHL Auctions are legit...at least I've never heard of 'em not being legit. I would guess it's exactly what it's described as...a jersey worn during warmups for one night.

IIRC = If I recall correctly

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Yes for the Leetch, Graves, and Howell/Bathgate retirement nights the Rangers wore 6100-cut jerseys during warmups and the pre-game ceremonies. I don't recall if they did it for Messier night, and I am fairly certain they didn't do it for Richter night (as they didn't even have a special patch).

Here's my Staal warmup from Graves night (front | back)

Here's my Sjostrom gamer from Graves night (front | back)

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