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2006/2007 Team Canada WJC Jerseys and Lettering - looking for pictures


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I am looking for any owner photos of these jerseys to study the lettering of them.

I have seen a few of the white but hardly any of the red jerseys.

I am getting one customized and it should be here in a week - checking my invoice, the customizer says that the 2006 Olympic kit is the same as the 2007 WJC kit.

After some research and the information from members of this forum (which have always been helpful), I now realize I have the wrong lettering for it.

So I may have to hunt down the proper kit for this but I have a feeling they will be very hard to come by.

I would like to see some photos of the jerseys, front and back and if they have the "A" or "C" on them.

Thank you!

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Was this the tournament in Vancouver? I know a guy with a Bolland gamer if so, I'll email him for pictures.

Bolland was on the 2006 WJC roster, but I don't think the jerseys changed (there was a change in number font for the 2006, that didn't follow to the 2007) ones.

Nevertheless, I would love to see a picture of that jersey. Thanks :stickhndl:

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My Team Canada jersey arrived today. It was mean to be customized as a 2007 WJC jersey but I know it's wrong.

The customization quality is fantastic but everything seems small and I know the lettering kit is off as well.

Should I just live with it knowing how rare these jerseys are or are there any shops that could fix it.

Is it me or are the "5"s really small and the "C" seems small too. I feel a little disappointed but I expected it.



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