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Rookie Stripping Question


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I recently acquired an authentic Koho jersey,

there is also a jersey I want to purchase from a member here.

Both jerseys I want to strip and re-customize (will let EPS do this for me).

I know many of you have had your jerseys stripped or even done them yourselves.

My question is how do they turn out?

I understand cleaning off the old glue but what about the old stitch holes, aren't they noticeable?

I just can't seem to get my mind around the fact that the holes aren't noticeable.

However this must be the case or you wouldn't be able to successfully strip the jersey to your liking.

So what are your results, can you see the old holes?

If not, does the material just bounce back to its' original shape?

Does stripping the jersey weaken it at all?

I know these are probably dumb questions, but having never seen a stripped jersey

up close, I just can't picture it.

I really want to change the names on these jerseys but don't want to damage the jersey

and want the new customization to look like it was the only one done.

Can you help to put my mind at ease?


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I was wondering the same thing. I have a couple poor custom jobs I want stripped and re-done. I don't think they were glued, just stitched because I can separate the fabric from the twill when pinching the fabric from behind the lettering/numbering.

They are Nike's with that dazzle fabric, but I'm scared it will be worse than before.

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My apologies for starting this thread.

I searched a little harder and found

the answers to my questions...with pictures even!


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