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Are the Winter Claissc (2011) jerseys 2.0?


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hey guys,, with all the buzz about the chance that the 1.0s are going away, i was curious if anyone knows about the winter classic and heritage classic jerseys? It seems that the all star jerseys were only made in 2.0

You think the same goes for the Classics? they are still up for grabs on nhls site for 349. just curious if they would arrive as a 1.0 or 2.0

Best case is that i can call nhl shop and they can put in a request for someone in the warehouse to go take a look at the tag. They have done this for me before (checking on a product)

what do you guys think?

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I'm pretty sure the Pens one isn't, but mine has been away getting customized for a month, and I really don't remember since I was more excited just to get the thing and send it away again to be customized than really check. I never even took it out of the original bag, just verified it was the correct jersey and re-mailed as was. (I probably should've pulled it out and verified it was in good condition, huh? But the bag looked good, and I didn't want to try refolding it.)

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