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RBK By Roger Edwards Heritage Jerseys


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Anyone here have one? I know they aren't wool, but I'd like to hear some opinions on the quality.

I'm considering having one customized if I can figure out how to get #'s that will look decent on it.

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I would also like to hear what people think about these jerseys.

However Oates, I'm not sure that they are made for getting customized. I am uncertain if stitching or sewing on numbers would ruin the material. Not sure that it would, but that may be a concern that I have. SportsK used to carry (I think still does) these sweaters. I e-mailed them once about them and they told me they are just made as sweaters and customizing them wouldn't be a great idea. That's just their opinion though. I'm sure if you really wanted to customize them you could, but it's probably not recommended.

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