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1992 Penguins Away Throwback Questions


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Hi again all,

Am still on the hunt for a '92 Penguins Away jersey when lo and behold I saw that IceJerseys.com here as em' back in stock.


Since I still ideally wanna get a '92 Penguins Away jersey customized with Mario Lemieux's name, numbers on the back and arms, etc. would buying that jersey currently sold here by Ice Jerseys as well as paying the $89 Ice Jersey customization fee be the way to go? Or is there a better alternative to that jersey which according to the item description is part of the CCM 550 midweight series. It's been a long time since I've posted here so I kinda forget the "whats what" regarding CCM jerseys.

Also, if i paid the $89 customization fee will Ice Jerseys be using the correct Penguins "squat, nearly square shaped numbers" that they used on the real jerseys in '92? Or will that incorrect, "tall and narrow font" for the numbers on the sleeves and whatnot (which sadly is what's featured on the Lemieux jerseys that are already sold name and numbered) be used? Given the amount of $ I will have to spend, I want things as accurate as possible y'know?

Hopefully one or more of you can lemme know the answers to my questions, as well as anything else I should know. Thanks. :)

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E-mail them about it prior to ordering it. I'm pretty sure they'd give you the proper font since that jersey really only had one font for its entire existence...well, the twill version anyway.

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Your best bet is to do what Brilliant! suggested and e-mail IJ regarding the jersey. That way you can know for sure. However, SportsK has that same jersey for sale and I know for a fact if you would buy it from them there is a pretty good chance they would do their best to use era specific customization (lettering and numbering). Be sure though to be as specific as possible when contacting about customization. Sometimes it helps to send pictures of the lettering/numbering so the company knows what to use.

I hope this helps.

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