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Company patches on WHC jerseys


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I'm watching the Canada-Switzerland game right now and I'm curious to know if its possible to find the company patches that the teams wear Like Zepter and Tissot because I was thinking if I got an international jersey of a player who only played in the WHC and never say the Olympic squad, I think i would want to get the company patch to distinguish that (even though it may be ugly). Would you personally put the company patch on WHC player jersey or no? Or would you not even get a jersey of a player who played in the WHC?

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Yeh Jeff has some great patches he's made himself on printed twill.

I think he once promised to devote a blog entry to it.

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I detest the idea of slapping advertisements all over the team's identity, so if it were me I wouldn't even bother, but I can understand wanting 100% accuracy as well. This is the one case where I am willing to settle for slight inaccuracy.

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