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NHL "V" Logo

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Does anyone know the history behind the NHLS vintage "V" logo? When was it first used? Was it ever used on game jerseys? Other than CCM's vintage series and M&N's throwbacks, was it ever used on retail jerseys?

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The vintage V logo was used on game jerseys for the 03-04 season. I know for a fact that it was on the St Louis Blues throwback jerseys for that year, but that patch didn't make it to the retail Blues jerseys, but it is on some of the other teams retail replicas Vancouver I believe.

Here is an example (I am not trying to solicit anything from frozen pond just I know about this picture) http://www.frozenpond.com/xcart/customer/p...=255&page=1

I will try to find a game pic of the blues.

Also, river city sports has the V patches for sale if you are looking for one.

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Here's a good shot of a gamer...mine! :D


The Bruins, Canadiens, Rangers, Blues, Kings and Canucks all wore the NHL Vintage jerseys in 2003-04. All teams had both home and away jerseys too. The one exception was the Oilers. They wore the patch but only on their Heritage Classic jerseys.

When you say the patch didn't make it to retail Blues jerseys, are you talking about replicas or authentics? Because I have an authentic goalie cut jersey with that patch on it.

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