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NHLUniforms.com is a site I know most all of us have used quite frequently.

Well, Andrew who runs NHLUniforms.com has hit some hard times and he's looking for donations to help keep the site up and move forward with the iPhone app development. Now I know he's not the only one facing some hard times lately, but I for one know that NHLUniforms.com has saved me hundreds of dollars in bad jersey purchases.

I don't personally know Andrew, I am just a very frequent user of his website (as I know many of you are). He did not ask me to post this message. If this post violates the rules of IJ (promoting an outside business), please remove it. I don't see Andrew's endeavor as a commercial business as much as just another fan who loves jerseys who's got a great resource website.

I have resisted making this request for a very long time, but I feel that I can not resist any longer. If there's any way you can make a donation to help me in these trying times, I would greatly appreciate it. If any of you also have any knowledge of the iPhone SDK and can help me put together the app, I would appreciate that as well. Once the iPhone app is completed, those of you kind and/or able enough to make a donation will be able to download the full app (which will preliminarily be priced at $1.99 with a lite version available for free) free of charge.


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I can probably spare him a few quid. Be a shame if that went, always using it.

My only prob with the site is I wish the images were bigger.

I believe the images were made in Paint, so I'm amazed at the fact that they all had to be redone for the re-launch.

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Actually it'd be great if the images were vector so they'd scale perfectly to whatever size you want. The fonts and striping/patterns would be easier in vector form, but the logos could be a pain, especially for some of the older styles.

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