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Will There Be An NHL Jersey Change Anytime Soon?


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I've gotta say, I'm not a fan of the EDGE jerseys at all. I bought an authentic one off of icejerseys.com, and it's extremely disappointing. I've worn it a total of 5 times and it has loose threads and the main crest is falling apart. IceJerseys did a great job with the customization, but the jersey itself is bad. I also hate that the jerseys have templates. The great thing about hockey jerseys that no other sport has is the creativity factor. The Avalanche had the mountain design, the Thrashers had the bird wings, and everyone seemed to be able to make their uniform however they pleased. EDGE has taken that away. Not to mention the material is thin and stretchy, not the "sweater" that we all know and love.

So I ask you jersey experts, is there any chance the NHL makes a switch back to the traditional jerseys? Or at least something better?

EDIT: I'm aware of the 1.0 vs. 2.0 EDGE systems.

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As someone who can really only buy replicas, the screen printing garbage needs to GO AWAY! Return to the sewn on letters in triple layers or whatever your team uses. I don't understand why that change came out to begin with.

However, I have an AHL premiere that isn't lettered and the threads do seem to come apart more easily. So, I will agree with you there.

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