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Authentic jersey question


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So a little while back, I won a game worn warm up jersey at a Baby Penguins game. Not long before that, like about a week before, I had been looking at last year's warm up jerseys that were for sale in our team store. I do remember hearing that RBK authentics do not have the size tag on the bottom left like the replica, but the ones in our store did. Why is that? Is it just the store trying to pass it off as an authentic since not everyone is as knowledgeable about jerseys, or why? My supposedly game worn jersey also has the size tag on it which I doubt a game worn jersey would?

Here's a picture of the jersey in question. You can kind of see the size tag in the picture:


The size tag on the inside of the jersey has the authentic number size as well. I was just confused though because I have a Malkin ASG jersey that is a 54, but has no tag on the bottom left. What's up with that? One of those slight annoyances, you know?

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AHL replicas do not have a jock tag on the front, unlike the NHL Premiers. If it has shoulder patches, check to see if they are sewn-on embroydered or glued-on 2D. Authentics have sewn-on shoulder patches, AHL Premiers are not sewn, just glued on. AHL Premiers are made in Canada, just like the Edge authentics. Is the crest sewn on? Authentics are sewn on. Does it have side slits? Authentics do not have side slits. The RBK vector and AHL logos are sewn on on the authentics, glued on on the replica.

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