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Penguins Jersey Question (would LOVE help!!)


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Long story short, got a Lemieux Pens from the 90's, and the customization looks a bit off to me, although I have found it tough to compare exactly. The numbers seem a bit lower on my jersey (48) than the gameworns and game action pics I have seen.

I talked to the seller and he said if I think the numbers are off on the back he will adjust it for free... I'll get some more detailed pics on here once the jersey arrives. I bought the Jersey off ebay and got him to customize it, he had great feedback and assured me he had the authentic kits and stuff.

I think it may be jersey size... every single game worn or picture of game action of the jersey, the numbers are higher, but I have seen a few replicas/authentics *assuming they are smaller sizes, with the numbers lower down. No difference between KOHO/CCM/Starter jerseys seem to exist. I may be a bit picky but I love this jersey and want to get it perfect.

My jersey is in my collection, here is one with similar numbering


and a few game-worns:





few replicas, numbers a bit higher...



finally, a collage of the jersey in game action...


Thanks for any and all help!

Happy holidays!

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It looks like the nameplates are higher up on the gameworns. It might be a difference in the kits. The gameworn jerseys might have slightly shorter numbers.

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There's just no room to move your numbers any higher in my opinion. You might be able to nudge the name up a bit, but you don't want the numbers any closer to the name than they already are, so the top horizontal lines of the numbers will never clear the upper white stripe of the horizontal band, so it's not worth going through all the trouble to gain a 1/2 inch at best. It's just one of the occasional compromises you are going to have to live with when not buying exclusively game worn jerseys. I'm really not sure what you'd expect him to be able to change about it. You don't want incorrectly sized letters for the name in order to cram the numbers up where you want them.

It's a great jersey with what I think is a good player choice so I'd keep it the way it is and wear it proudly.

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that is what I figured. Some of the authentic non-gamers I have seen have the numbers higher, but I assume those are 52's at least, and probably 56's or so. I absolutely love this Pens style of jersey, definitely one of my favorites.

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I agree with JeffB. I have some jerseys that I had customized and they have some minor differences from the gameworn jerseys. The differences are very minor. In this case its not worth the risk of ruining the jersey for such a small adjustment. It is a nice jersey. I have seen it many times since the Penguins are in my teams division. I really didn't notice the problem until you pointed it out. So its not that bad.

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Got the jersey today. The customization looks great. However, the tag says 48-R, but there is no fight strap or double-enforced elbow stitching. Is that because the jersey is from the mid 90's, or is it incorrect?

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...but there is no fight strap or double-enforced elbow stitching. Is that because the jersey is from the mid 90's, or is it incorrect?

That's because they were made in Haiti. The Haiti versions don't have fight straps and re-inforced elbows.

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