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richter world cup 96 pics help

Yzerman fan

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Recieved my world cup 96 patch today and am ready to send my jersey to get customized with Richter but I want to send IJ some quality photos of exactly what I'm looking for. Haven't found any good photos outside of Jeff's,but my computer will not let me print them off for whatever reason, must be a webshots thing.... Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Have you tired GettyImages? I just searched Richter, world cup and got a few. There is one where Pat LalalalalalalaFountain is congratulating Richter and you can see where the patch sits on his jersey fairly well, but there are others.


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Okay I figured out the trick for getting images from webshots.


Here's how ...

Step 1.
Ask JeffB/Spyboy for his permission to use his images (very important step)

Step 2.
Find the image you want in the gallery and bring up the page for that image

Step 3.
Scroll down and on the right hand side of the page look for the "Link to this picture" form

Step 4.
Choose the size you want the image to be (100, 200, 425, 500, or 600 pixels wide)

Step 5.
Click "Preview this size:" link.

Step 6.
Now you can right click the preview image and "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" depending on your browser

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Cool thanks, actually I enlarged the picture and just printed straight from there. Not sure why that worked when it had not in the past or wouldn't work any other way. The jersey and patch are already in the hands of IJ :D Can't wait to get it back...hoping the estimated late Jan date gets cut down a bit.

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