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Question about Isle's Fisherman jerseys.


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Hey folks,

I have a home and away Isles fisherman Replica jerseys made by Starter. I prefer the Starter jerseys because i like their weight and they are softer and more comfortable.

The two Islanders jerseys feel like a different fabric from the rest of the Starters I hae. The fabric is stiffer and also is much thinner. Also the upper chest seams are more defined on these jerseys. Is this common for these two jerseys?


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What are the brands of the two jerseys, one is starter the other is? CCM seems like the only other option from that time era.

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Ah, my bad, I misread what you said. My guess would be they are stiffer since they are sublimated as opposed to died like most jersey of the era would be. As for the defined chest/shoulders, that has to be a way for them to easily sublimate the waves. All the pictures Ive seen show the shoulders as a much larger section then they usually are which meant they could sublimate the waves onto two pieces (a front and back) and easily line them up rather than try to line up 4 jersey panels as the would have to if they used the traditional should yoke cut. This is by no means official, just my two cents.

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