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SFM's Around The NHL - 11/6/06


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A preview of what you can check out here: http://www.sportsfanmagazine.com/sfm/articles.html?id=3057

A sample page:

Here's my list of 5 NHL figures that would make great MySpace friends:

5. Sidney Crosby - You know he's totally the guy who only has a lot of MySpace friends 'cuz they all wanna see the girl's he's friends with.

4. Sean Avery - Because everyone posts pictures of their girlfriend on MySpace! Kim Bauer in a Kings jersey, here we come.

3. Keith Tkachuk - Not as much a MySpace page as a map of every Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy's in the greater St. Louis area. Could come in handy some time.

2. Larry Brooks - A great friend, even though he would TOTALLY start drama between you and your friends, saying stuff like "He'll never give into your demands to go out this weekend, because he's too strong of a person. It will never happen. NEVER".

Go to the link and find out #1, as well as the poll question of the week, the trivia question of the week, and my thoughts on the NHL on Google Video, Jobing.com Arena, Islanders TV and the Atlantic Division in this week's Around the NHL

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