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Source for hard to find numbering and letters?

Saint Louis Blues

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I'm looking for numbers and letters (C and A) for the infamous St. Louis Blues 95-96 to 97-98 "slash" jerseys. I know that they used the rubber or plastic middle layer on these, the road jersey had the red rubber layer and the home jersey I think had the yellow rubber middle layer. Also, the bottom edge of the numbers have to follow the top yellow pinstripe's angle- I've seen too many lately that they do not follow the angle and it's hideous!

Do they still make these Authentic or is it a lost cause?

Found yet another Blues ""Authentic"" jersey of the era and once again it has no Nameplate, name sewn directly to the back of the jersey. I wish they would not bill them as "Authentic" same as the team wore on the ice jerseys. It's close once again, but further work and $$$ would be required to make it 100% Authentic.

Guess the question of the day is where to get the correct numbering for the back.

Thanks guys,


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Try contacting sports-stitch on eBay. That's the member name. They do all sorts of wacky fonts like the Isles Gortons' jerseys and the Lightning electrical and paintbrush fonts. I can't guarantee that they can do it but it can't hurt to ask.

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