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On Ebay, close but ???????

Saint Louis Blues

Is it close enough that you would overlook the bottom of the numbers?  

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  1. 1. Is it "Authentic" enough for you?

    • Close enough for me, I'd rock it!
    • Close but no bannanna: no way!

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Overall a really nice jersey, but..........

The numbers on the back are supposed to follow the diagonal red line below them. They should have the same angle and gap from the beginning of the number to the end.

The numbers in this case have a bigger gap on the left side of the number than the right. It's really a shame, everything else is done correct down to the plastic layer between the twill on the numbering.

Am I being too petty with this one? I mean, would it bother you or not?

Ebay link here, click me.

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I own some jerseys where there lettering is a bit off (two-digit and second digit is slightly lower) and I figure most people won't notice but me and I try not to let it bug me much ... BUT in this case, it's really obvious. I don't think I'd get a jersey with specialized numbering like that Blues or a Islanders fisherman unless the numbering was perfect.

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Indeed. If it was straight, regular block lettering, I wouldn't be nearly as fanatical, but for something as unique as the angled numbers, I'd pass. I feel the same about the name on the back of a Red Wings jersey -- if it doesn't have the proper arch, kerning, and width to the letters, I skip it.

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